The yearly dues for residents of Shanghai are 800 RMB for Clinical Members and 600 RMB for Associate Members and 300 for Student Members. The dues are due and payable on January 1 of each year for all members, including new members who have joined during the previous year. Dues are non-refundable should the member leave Shanghai prior to the end of the calendar year.

The Application Process

Please carefully read and follow the instructions below. After you have submitted your application form and supporting documents your application will be considered by the Membership Chair and others designated by the board. Appeals on membership decisions can be made to the full board on the applicant’s request as outlined in the SIMHA Constitution.

Public Information and Confidential Information

If you are accepted as a member, all public information will be included in the printed Membership List that is publicly distributed and is available online at the SIMHA website. All confidential information will be distributed solely within SIMHA.

How to Apply

Please download the following Application (New Members)Application Rewenal (Exsiting Members)  form and sign it to indicate that you have read the SIMHA Code of Ethics and agree to abide by it. The Code of Ethics is available online on the SIMHA site.

1. All copies of licenses, professional association memberships and degrees.
2. Criteria set out for any licenses you hold.
3. Documentation about how you meet the clinical membership supervision requirements.
4. How your academic training meets the clinical membership criteria.

This is an application requirement. In order to be listed in SIMHA public information, such as directories or the web site, documentation of licenses, degrees, training, and professional organization membership must be provided. Any current licenses should be updated to the membership secretary annually.

Please coordinate delivery of application and membership fees and direct all questions of application process to our SIMHA Membership Chair: Patti Wallace, Patti.Wallace@nottingham.edu.cn