Hall, Allen

Professional Counselor

Depression, Anxiety, Couples Communication, Addiction/Behavioral Issues, Grief, Trauma, Psychosis, also Career and Life Decisions and Goals, and Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Herda, Christoph


Psychiatric service according to guidelines for adult patients.

Huang, Julia

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Pre-marital counseling, marriage / family / individual / group therapy; and psycho-education workshops (see profile for full details)

Hu, George

Clinical Psychologist

Individual and family therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, psycho-educational and psycho-diagnostic assessment, pediatric psychotherapy, crisis intervention

Hu, Lucia

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Stress, anxiety, depression, cultural adjustment, family conflicts, church and workplace issues, and pre-marital and marriage counseling.

Jain, Reena

Clinical Psychologist

Counseling, therapies, assessment, mental health, mental disabilities

Jones, Carrie

Clinical Social Worker

Individual, Family, and/or Group Counseling

Kelly, Timothy A.

Director of Relational Center, Senior Consultant, & Executive Coach

Personal Development Consultancy; Senior Executive Coaching, Wellness/Holistic Program Development & Assessment; CBT teaching & training

Kiao, Barbara

Clinical Counselor

Addictions, Depression, Dysfunctional Family, Interpersonal Relationship, Cross-Cultural Marriage, Individual & Couples Counseling
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