Lee, KC

Chartered Counselling Psychologist

Individual and couples therapy, Workplace stress, Career progression, Adolescent development, Family-relational issues, Academic pressure.

Li, Wendy

Counseling Psychologist / Mental Health Counselor

Self-growth, interpersonal, stress, family, support groups, crisis, trauma, mental health education and promotion.

Lin, J.Y. Claire

Child and Family Psychologist

ADHD of children and adults, Asperger’s Syndrome, projective assessments and evaluations. Depression and insomnia

Lu, Yang

Mental Health Psychotherapist; Social Worker

Adult/children individual counseling, parenting, play therapy

Miller, John

Couples and Family Therapy

Couples and Family Therapy, Individual therapy, marital conflict, child behavior problems, anxiety, stress, depression

Ni, Viviana

Art Therapist

Children, families, couples, adults, elderly, LGBTQ, groups, relationships, parenting, special needs, dementia, mental health issues, self-esteem, transitions, cultural factors, emotional difficulties, trauma and loss.

Ohnishi, Hifumi

Counseling Psychologist

Cross-cultural Psychology, LGBTQ concerns, Relationships, Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorder

Pradillon, Gaëlle

Clinical Psychologist

Parenthood and perinatal issues serious illness or chronic disease issues, traumatic event issues, depression, border line mental functioning.

Rébora, Javiera

Clinical Psychologist

Individual psychodynamic therapy for children, adolescents and adults.
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