Lu, Yang

Lu, Yang

Mental Health Psychotherapist; Social Worker

Name:Yang Lu, LCSW
Profession: Mental Health Psychotherapist; Social Worker
Nationality: Chinese
Language(s): English, Chinese (Mandarin)
Degree(s): MSW, BA
Country licensed: USA
SIMHA Membership Status: Clinical
Services / Specialties Offered: Adult/children individual counseling, parenting, play therapy

Yang is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (MO, USA) with a MSW degree from Washington University in St. Louis and a BA degree from Tsinghua University. Yang has working experience in both US and China in a variety of settings, including behavioral health care department of hospitals, community mental health agencies and schools. She has provided individual and group psychotherapy to adults with psychosocial concerns such as depression, anxiety, boundary issues, personal relational concerns, parenting needs and so on. She has also worked with children individually and in group to enhance their emotional and behavioral well-being. Yang has solid training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy and Solution Focused Behavioral Therapy etc. She is also currently under training for Play Therapy. In her practice, Yang adopts an integrated psychotherapy framework to provide treatment tailored to individual needs. She provides thorough assessment to each client and then works collaboratively with the client to a most adaptive and efficient plan aiming at symptom alleviation and self-growth.

Working Hours: Weekends
Fee Ranges: Per service rendered
Arrival Date /Departure Date: N/A
Specialties: Adult/children individual counseling, parenting, play therapy

Location: Pudong
District: Pudong, Tangqiao
Work Address: 1678 Dongfang Rd. Pudong, Shanghai
Mobile Phone: +86-18916611615