Jain, Reena

Jain, Reena

Clinical Psychologist

Name: Dr Reena Jain
Profession: Clinical psychologist
Nationality: Indian
Language(s): English and Hindi
Degree(s): PhD in Psychology
Country licensed: India
SIMHA Membership Status: Clinical
Services / Specialties Offered: Counseling, therapies, assessment, mental health, mental disabilities

Dr Reena Jain is a licensed psychologist from India. She is doctorate in psychology with over 17 years of experience in providing internal and external consulting services across the broad spectrum of Human behavior, mental health, therapies, assessing & analyzing new ways of adjustment to this ever changing environment, cognitive growth, developmental changes in children and adolescents. She is an expert in dealing with stress management, depression, anxiety, phobias, interpersonal relationship conflicts, personality development, organizational behavior, learning disabilities, stammering. She is very effective counselor, motivator & life skills trainer. She worked with all the age group at hospitals, private practice, schools and colleges. She conducted various workshops for teachers, office employees, students and parents on several current issues as team building, stress management, personality development etc. She worked extensively on the adolescents problems as substance abuses, depression, suicidal tendency, love failure, self-harm etc. she also work on marital adjustment, parental adjustment, personal and social adjustment, confidence building and mentally challenged people. She has a wide range of publication and presentations in national and international books, journals and conferences. She is a recipient of Bharat Jyoti Award for her excellent work on 24th August 2013 in India. At present she is working with Shanghai Community Center, Sky clinic and Shanghai East International Medical Center.

Working Hours: Daily on appointment basis
Fee Ranges: N/A
Arrival Date /Departure Date: N/A
Specialties: Counseling, therapies, assessment, mental health, mental disabilities 

Location: Puxi
District: Changning
Work Address: Shanghai community center hong Quio and downtown
Mobile Phone: 15921884347
Email: reenajain173@gmail.com