Corboud, Edward

Corboud, Edward

Addiction (Intern) / Mental Health Counsellor

Name: Edward Corboud (ME.d)
Profession: Mental Health Counselor
Nationality: Canadian
Language(s): English
Degree(s): Masters of Education – International Counseling
Country licensed: Canadian Certified Counselor
SIMHA Membership Status: Clinical
Services / Specialties Offered: Substance Use Disorders, Couples & Individuals Therapy (LGBT); Career, Depression, Anger & Stress/Anxiety

Edward has over 15 years of experience working with a wide range of clients including: individuals, couples, families, and groups. His aim in working with clients is to deal with their issues in a well-coordinated manner, helping them find harmony, hope and positivity in their lives. To accomplish this he utilizes positive psychology, cognitive-behavioral strategies and solution focused therapy but adjusts accordingly based on the person’s needs. His areas of specialty include: Couples, Families and Individuals therapy; Substance Use Disorders, Career, Anger & Stress/Anxiety. Lastly, he serves on the board of directors at SIMHA and is Canadian licensed with additional training in addiction/international counseling.

Working Hours: Evenings and Weekends
Fee Ranges:
Arrival Date /Departure Date: August 2008 – n/a
Specialties: Substance Use Disorders, Couples & Individuals therapy (LGBT), Career, Depression, Anger & Stress/Anxiety

Location: Puxi
District: Xu Hui, French Concession
Work Address: No. 65 Kangping Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai (Near to Shanghai Library)
Mobile Phone: 13764979041
Wechat: CounselorTed