Schreiber, Sonia

Schreiber, Sonia

Clinical Psychologist

Name: Sonia Schreiber
Profession: Clinical Psychologist
Nationality: Belgian
Language(s): French, English, Dutch, Portuguese
Degree(s): Master in clinical and social psychology
Country licensed: Belgian
SIMHA Membership Status: Clinical
Services / Specialties Offered: Therapy and counseling for kids, teenagers, adults and families. Cognitive assessment.

Sonia Schreiber earned a Masters Degree in clinical and social psychology in Brussels in 1994. Since then she has worked as a clinical psychologist and therapist in various contexts: a diagnostic and referral center for students in Brussels, local and international schools in Brussels and Brazil, a public teaching hospital in Brussels and she also developed a private practice in Brussels and Korea. Since March 2014 she has been working in Shanghai in an organization that provides educational and multidisciplinary paramedical support for children, teenagers and adults. Sonia is familiar working with the following themes: expat life, third culture kids and teenagers, stress management including in the workplace, psycho-educational issues (learning difficulties, encopresis, enuresis, anxiety, self-esteem issues…), post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, depression, conflicts in couples and family… She uses tools stemming from systemic therapy, non-violent communication, conflict resolution theory and therapeutic yoga.

Working Hours: Monday to Wednesday
Fee Ranges: Contact for fee information.
Arrival Date /Departure Date: Arrival – September 2013 ; Departure – nothing planned
Specialties: Therapy and counseling for kids, teenagers, adults and families. Cognitive assessment. 

Location:  Puxi
District: Qing Pu
Work Address: 491 Gao Jing Garden, Gao Guang Lu, Qing Pu District
Phone:  021/39889780