What is SIMHA?

SIMHA is a multidisciplinary professional association of therapists who provide mental health services to the international communities in Shanghai.
Founded in 2008, SIMHA’s goals are to improve the quality, quantity, and accessibility of mental health services available to the international communities in Shanghai.

SIMHA is a voluntary professional organization. As such, individual members are responsible for their own actions. For more information, please see our Ethics Code.

With approximately 40 member therapists representing many different nationalities and languages, SIMHA member therapists can provide the support to help expatriate families through times of stress and culture shock. We can provide help for issues related to marital problems, infidelity, parenting, drug and alcohol problems, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, learning disabilities, and ADHD among others.

We comprise marriage and family counselors, social workers, clinical and educational psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists.

Our members workplaces are varied – they are located in Private Practice, Counseling Agencies, Psychotherapy Centers, International Schools, and Medical Centers.